To the Station! is a kid-friendly toy train simulator created for the Jam for Kids. This early version is still very simple and may be improved on in the near future. 

How to play:

The only controls you have to worry about are clicking on the traffic light to make the train go or stop. Easy, right? 

Objective: Pick up cargo at any of the four stations and deliver it to any other station. A station won't accept its own cargo back. Each successfully delivered crate is worth 25 points during the first four minutes of a round and 50 points during the last sixty seconds. Can you score over 1,000? 

Future roadmap:

  • The game needs sound
  • Different camera views, both optional onboard camera and cutaways at the stations
  • Textured materials
  • Terrain features 
  • Additional levels
  • Revised controls, a slow reverse speed will be challenge enough
  • Mid-round events like extra valuable crates or orders for crates from specific stations
  • Mid-round train upgrades like additional cargo space
  • and more!


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